Hey there!  Let me quickly tell you about MobiHuman.  As a techie married father of 3, the pace of life has increased exponentially for my wife and I on a yearly basis.  I realized a few years ago that the noise passing through my head as I try to keep up with the world puts me at risk for becoming a bystander to life.  It was because of this that I wanted to create a brand for my family and how we live life.  I wanted a reminder and an ethos to be able to hold myself accountable and take advantage of all life has to offer.  In comes “MobiHuman” – our life brand.

“MobiHuman” simply represents the lifestyle I want to live.  It can mean different things to different people, but to me it means to live a life of curiosity and exploration.  To learn, to travel, to try new things, to challenge the status quo, to self-reflect.

This site expresses what MobiHuman means – It features original content related to the musings, tribulations, joys, adventures and observations of a married father of 3 – techie, outdoorsy, pragmatic, dreamer, travel-loving, extroverted introvert.  Topics include tech, marriage, fatherhood, travel, food, products and the outdoors.