MobiHuman is a Tribe of doers.  We believe in challenging the status quo in order to live our very best lives.  MobiHumans are not satisfied with ordinary.  We know that the best of what life has to offer is not simply received, rather, it is sought out.

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Ave Life in Years
Lives You Have

Status Quo Zero

MobiHuman is a revolution.  Today’s status quo is to be a passive consumer of information, to be addicted to games and apps, and to lose priority over what promises true fulfillment.  Because of this, we say no to status quo.

Your Path

Lives are now consumed by likes, views, things and endless scrolling.  The noise of the world is so loud it’s difficult to hear ourselves in it.  That’s why it’s critical that you subscribe to yourself… to your journey in this world.  Zone in on your path.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


MobiHuman is about Doing Life to the Nth Degree


We Mobilize in the digital world.  This means that we are proactive rather than reactive.  We don’t consume life, we produce it.


We challenge the status quo.  We give status quo zero influence over how we live our lives.  As part of this thinking, we also challenge our own status quo.


MobiHuman is a Tribe of world changers.  We influence our families, friends, coworkers and strangers in positive ways that are impossible to measure.