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Hyperdynamic Pull & Release

The tightly wound microscopic fibers that make up the shell combined with the thoughfully unique circular design create a hyperdynamic pull and release system that helps you control the elements.

This equals fast drying times, rapid temperature diffusion and phenomenal dirt grab/release properties.

Dual Surface Drying

The MobiHuman™ circular design doubles the drying surface without adding length or bulk. This patent pending technology allows you to carry a towel that dries exponentially in comparison to its actual size.

The use of isolated technology layers increases absorption and drying capacities. This gives you a highly technical and lightweight drying solution that's easy to handle and is ready when you are.

The Loop

Don't underestimate the power of the patent pending loop. Adding a stretchable loop section to the MobiHuman™ makes it a versatile towel, allowing you to use it the way you want to use it, not just the way we tell you to use it.

Use the loop to attach the MobiHuman™ to your belt (running or otherwise), your pack, your bike or anything else you can think of.

Sized Right

MobiHuman™ is just the right size for anything you are doing, whether it be action sports or leisure sports. It's designed to be worn or carried, at the ready when you need it.

The size is non-invasive. It's light, but not too light - it won't get in your way and it definitely won't slow you down. And because of the patent pending dual surface drying and loop technologies, its absorption capacity far exceeds its size.

MobiHuman™ Airtek is the lightest, most versatile high-tech mobility accessory humans have ever known. Brilliantly simplistic human centered design.

Utilizing Hyperdynamic Pull and Release Technology, the MobiHuman Airtek induces airflow for rapid reform times. Our patent-pending StretchLoop design doubles the surface area and allows for multi-purpose rigging. Tightly wound fibers provide for incredible moisture management and utility properties.

MobiHuman™ is designed to be with you - while you do what you do. It has been designed to dry you both on the go and after the go. Non-relenting to sweat, wet, heat, dirt and mud. So light you will never know it's there - until you need it. Tuck it, loop it, stow it. MobiHuman™ is your weapon of choice when you battle the elements.

  • Tuck
  • Loop
  • Stow

Tuck the MobiHuman™ into your shorts, pants or belt for quick access while sweat-proofing the inner. To tuck the MobiHuman™, simply tuck part of the longer side into your shorts or pants.

The tuck method allows for quick release/replace or touch wipes.

The MobiHuman™ comes equipped with a stretchable loop section, allowing you to attach it to pretty much anything. Simply feed the loop through something and then feed the towel through the loop.

Common looping mechanisms include belts (running, climbing, clothing), bags, packs and other gear.

You can stow the MobiHuman™ in your pocket or pack, using the included water-resistant bag or by itself.