Why We Exist

We exist to help you embrace the elements of your journey

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Doing ANYTHING outside during a Texas summer produces buckets of sweat. Literally. As avid runners and cyclists who live in Texas, we have a love/hate relationship with sweat. Without it, we'd be dead from a heat stroke. With it, everything becomes just a little bit harder. If you've never noticed, sweat produces some unsavory side effects... For starters, sweat burns if it ever gets in your eyes. If you're wearing optics of any kind, sweat inevitably gets on your lenses. If you use a phone, well, sweaty fingertips don't work well with touch devices. Now, we don't always sweat in Texas, because sometimes, it rains. This brings with it a whole new, yet related, set of problems to overcome.


As a result of our sweat issues, we were left with a question - why don't performance athletes carry towels with them? It's definitely not because they don't need them. The things we hate most about sweat and wet could all change if we carried a towel with us. After over-analyzing this question, we realized that the type of towel we needed just didn't exist - no one had invented it. Sports store after running store after outdoor store after internet search after patent search after domain name search - all turned up empty. We found three types of sports towels - yoga, gym and golf. None had the features needed by a performance athlete.


We decided that in order for a towel to work for athletes, the following features would have to be included:
  • Sized Right For Mobility (hence the "Mobi" in our name)
  • Super Absorbent (the "dri" in our name, with an "i", because it's cool)
  • Wearable and Attachable - usable in any way you see fit
  • Closeable with a Waterproof Splitter - giving it 2 sides and multiple uses
  • Stylish - because style matters


After we developed our first prototype featuring all of the specifications we determined the perfect towel would need, we set the wheels in motion. Our first "aha" moment came when we were testing our first prototype. That revelation was that this towel was needed for sports outside of running and cycling. You see them listed on our site now. Along with this revelation, we quickly snatched up some pretty awesome domain names - runningtowel.com, cyclingtowel.com, hikingtowel.com, tennistowel.com. Shortly after, we saw our products begin to sell - all over the world! From Amazon to large running events, other people joined us to say "Yes, there is a need for MobiHuman"! So here we are today, working hard to help you embrace your elements.